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Save Loubo: A Manifesto

“If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.” — Alexander Hamilton.

Hockey fans,

As you are aware, Rogers Sportsnet has recently “parted ways” with the Flames play-by-play announcer, Peter Loubardias.  A decision I, for one, do not understand.  Upon reading many of your comments, realize I am not alone.  I like Peter.  I enjoy his play by play broadcasts.  I want to keep him. 

If you agree, you can let the corporation know by clicking here (www.sportsnet.ca/contact/) and filling in the blanks.


Please don’t just sit there and say, “I’ll miss him.”  Tell them that.  Please don’t just “wish him the best.”  Contact the people who did this and ask for it.  At least tell Sportsnet you like him.

At least let them know they are making a mistake.  Show you miss him, do not just say it.  Make some noise about it—“Boo,” if you will.  Even if they do not read your letter, the sheer volume will signal frustration.  Even if writing a letter does not bring him back, doing something is better than nothing: doing nothing signals that you are okay with this.  Please do not just sit on your hands and shrug your shoulders.  Do something.

In the 60s, letters from fans of a little show called Star Trek kept it on the air after only one season.  If you make noise and encourage others to do so, TV corporations have to listen to their audience (that’s right, I’m saying Loubo is as revolutionary as Star Trek).  We are their customers; we are their cheque.  This is part our show as well; we watch it.  We have a say.  We do not have to swallow their bad decisions without at least regurgitating!

Calgary has a long history of voices that are synonymous with their teams like Peter Maher and Ed Whalen—a voice some found irritating.  Loubardias could be that voice.  Additionally, the same thing happened to Millions.  They pulled the plug on him after a few seasons, and now they are doing it to Loubardias.  They’ll do it to the next guy unless we tell them to stop.  We want the pride of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!


This is some kinda outrageous! 

Say what you will about his voice or persona, but Loubo cares deeply.  He oozes enthusiasm and interest in every expression.  Godammit, he has heart.  He brings more emotion to the game then anyone on the air.  He’s like a kid in a candy store who knows everything about the merchandise!  This heart makes up for any minor physical “deficiencies.”  And I like personality; I like a little goofiness (no disrespect).  It is so much more entertaining than the bland, humourless, surprise-less robotic babble.

Moreover, many people have mentioned that he is an acquired taste.  If this is true, the public needs time to acquire this taste.  If Sportsnet pulls the plug on him too soon, the public will miss out on what I, and others, find to be a pretty tasty taste. 

Haters: you are not going to ever get perfection, ever.  If you keep seeking it, you will live your lives disappointed.  Also, in my experience, fans (Flames fans in particular) can be unrealistically harsh when criticizing the team and media personnel.  Can’t you lighten up and enjoy the event as he does?  Isn’t that the point?  Can’t you respect his passion for the game?  Does it not rub off a little bit? 

Heaven forbid someone who is as kind a person as he is described to be, someone who works as hard as it is said he does for as long as he has (28+ years), and someone who loves the game as much as he does overcome a funny sounding voice and unique personality and do his dream job.  Heaven forbid some people come to appreciate that.

The choice is yours: fight back or accept his departure.

Save Loubo.

P.S. Feel free to pass this along.